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604 - 734 - 8118

604 - 734 - 8118

Meet Our Team

Ken, Dental Receptionist

We are proud to announce that Ken is our full-time receptionist. He has always enjoyed learning new things and is grateful the busy dental office gives him the opportunity to do that. Ken is excited and thankful to be a part of Dr. Monaghan’s team – and the feeling is mutual! When Ken is not at work he enjoys going to the gym.

Amanda, Dental Assistant

Some of our long-time patients will recognize Amanda who worked alongside Dr. Monaghan a few years ago at his former practice. Amanda has a delightfully inquisitive mind and loves
detail. These traits allow her to thrive in the dental office and engage in concurrent studies of Osteopathy. She will be graduating in 2025. Outside of work and school, Amanda’s beautiful horse vies for the rest of her attention.

Marj, Certified Dental Assistant

Marj is one of the rare true Vancouverites who has worked as a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant) with Dr. Monaghan for many years. With great respect for people and the planet, Marj’s warmth puts every patient at ease. The calmness in the operatory is due to Marj’s orderly system that underlies the myriad of dental procedures she and Dr. Monaghan carry out each day. Outside of work, Marj can be found on her bike, on a local hiking trail, or at the beach during any time of year.

Kori, Registered Dental Hygienist

Kori’s passion and aptitude for dental hygiene go hand in hand. She is an integral part of Dr. Monaghan’s cohesive dental team. Kori’s friendly demeanor is evidenced by her amazing following – fortunately for Palm Dental Centre she is still accepting new patients. Her astute practice ensures each person in her chair reaps the oral health benefits from thorough dental cleaning and inspection. Outside of work, Kori enjoys travel, skiing, and bike riding with her husband and 2 boys.